The Demolition of Creekview School





Oh how hard it was on July 17, 2008, for me to drive up Marshall Road and turn onto the dead-end of Timber Trail past the former Doty House Building to see the large crane with its unrelenting jaws, and one large truck,

into which the remnants of Creekview School were being placed unceremoniously.  I started there in its 1st year, 1961, as a 1st grader.  The Botos family, who conveniently lived 4 houses away in Ayershire Acres on Regent Drive,

sent 5 kids through that school from 1961 through the spring of 1980. 


Greg, Kim, Kristi, Doug, Tracy.  5 Botoses over 20 school years.  Needless to say, our Mom, Pat Botos, knew EVERYONE at that school quite well over those long years, and gave many hours to the school for many projects over that time.


I had asked a friend of my Mom’s, Carolyn Simkins, who recently retired from the Middletown City Schools, to try to clue-me-in on the demolition date for the school.   I wanted to contact the administration and go through the old place one

last time and take some photos for posterity.  Well – that did not happen, unfortunately.


So, here is what I got on my short visit that day – and I absconded 16 bricks while the workers were not looking.  Or, maybe they were looking, and could see the fondness I had for Creekview Elementary.

There is a new Creekview – just a few feet away – next to the former Doty House.  But, boy, I sure would have loved to get inside that 1st grade room of Mrs. Sharon, where I distinctly remember watching with Jenny Buckles, and Jerry Risner,

and many others, when John Glenn took off and orbited the earth in 1962.  And so many other great memories too.


So – here is what I got that day to remember good old Creekview Elementary. 


The 8 rooms that were left were the eight rooms at the far East end of the main hallway – 4th and 5th and 6th grade rooms (when there were 6th grade rooms there).


The basketball backboards and the rims were the very same rims that we shot baskets at in 1961 … I should know … since I lived so close I was up there a lot even AFTER I left Creekview - shooting baskets and playing baseball in the fields adjacent,

and getting crawdads and tadpole out of the creek there with Ronnie Bush and Randy Wooddell and Mark and Bobby Lambert and others.


If these pictures can be “enjoyed” – then enjoy.  Ahhh – the memories.  Please share this site with anyone who you may know who’d be interested in seeing these photos.


Contact me – greg@gregbotos.com – if you’d like any copies of these jpegs.  No cost – I will post these on a site where they can be accessed in the near future.


Respectfully – Greg Botos