Mike, Keith, and Greg in the Smokies, 2008



Views on the way up to Mt. LeConte




Two Golfers  at Bent Creek




Three Golfers at Bent Creek




Not much sound came out of those horns




Keith – don’t jump !





Yes, there is a golf hole about 100 yards down there




Stairs to that golf hole – about 100 total




Mike preparing to hike to Mt. Leconte – not sure just what this exercise is




Views of Alum Creek





Some wildlife along Alum Creek




Spectacular scenery only seen by hiking this trail





Break time – the longer the better for Greg





More scenery





and more …





Keith and Mike pause before the next ascent





No, Mike, you cannot climb here





We thought this looked like the back of a dinosaur





About 1/3 the way up – only 3-1/2 miles to go




Nearing halfway now




More scenery from near the halfway mark – at about 2-1/2 miles along the trail and about 1 mile overall altitude




and this was not even CLOSE to the steepest part of the trail





We are nearing the elevations of some of the other mountain tops now




Very nice rock formations throughout




Keith was sweating too – his dark shirt just didn’t show it …





Ahhh … finally ….





The last part of the trail to Mt Leconte




Cabins at “The Top” 




$106 per night per person includes dinner and breakfast





The Lodge where dinner is served at 6 PM – We Made It!   We started at about 3700 ft at the road in the park.

We did not stay for dinner – we hiked back down starting at about 4 PM, 4 hours after starting UP the mountain.





Overview of cabins





Keith’s parents stayed in one like this about 30 years previous





yet MORE great scenery





And more of Alum Creek




Clingman’s Dome the next day





The highest peak – 3rd from the left – is where we hiked the previous day – Mt. LeConte





Another view of  Mt. LeConte





Other views from Clingman’s Dome





Last shot from Clingman’s Dome area … time to drive back to Ohio … sadly