San Antonio Texas - June 2010

The Original Well - and Transplanted Oak Tree in Alamo grounds.


In trouble with the LAW again !!!



The performance stage along the RiverWalk - about 1/4 mile from my Hotel.












View of RiverWalk from my room.  Tough Duty.








View of RiverWalk from outside our hotel.




Layout of the "FORT" in bronze.  Chapel is at upper right.














The Alamo was bought in 1884 for $25,000 and used as a "store".  The Hugos of Hugo Schmeltzer are

ancestors of friends of mine - the Powers family.  The store was sold in 1905 for $85,000 to

The Daughters of the Texas Revolution - who - under the guidance of Clara Driscoll -

restored the "church" and the grounds immediately surrounding - about 1 acre.




Layout again of the original Fort.





Baptismal Font from early 1800's when Alamo was a Monastery.



Davy Crockett's belongings and other artifacts.





Placques outside the front of the Alamo Chapel.


























Again - the original well and the transplanted Oak Tree.