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Roberes Interpretive Dancing



The Original site of ROBERES' Dance Studio in the Late 1800's.





The current site of many of Roberes' Performances.  Robere can be seen in the background

dancing at a table for the patrons.





The talented and beautiful Roberettes - offering their

musical harmonies and their own interpretive dancing.





Robere as he "warms-up" for his Patriotic Interpretive Dance.





Robere is QUITE the athlete as well !!!!



Robere and his trainer and life partner in a contemplative moment ...

Note that he wears the same shirt during his planning sessions as he does

when he performs.  This - he says - "provides consistency in life".






The entire audience at one of Robere's performances discusses his 1st

act performance during intermission at a casual outdoor setting.





Robere and his trainer in a more "light-hearted" moment from years ago ..........

Note in other pictures that extensive dental work has since been performed

to enhance Robere's further Interpretive Dancing career ................






Robere in his "patented" Finale after a series of astounding dance moves!