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Murphin Ridge Retreat 2010




"Hey, buddy, get that camera outta here."



"It's too hot - just hit it right here."


"Look out on the other side of the net - this one's gonna leave a mark!"



"C'mon Zach - go with me on this one - tell Chuck it is OUT!"



Goin' up HIGH!



"I got your back side."



"Yeah, Chuck - way to hustle while I take a break and watch!"



"Does anybody know where the nearest potty is?" 



Not exactly Dibble and Charlton - but nasty nonetheless.



Just plain pretty.



"Who is that High School kid out there on the court with no shirt on!"



"Those tennis fans staying cool in their air-conditioned cars - that ain't right!"



Now that is indeed a "Holy Net".



"No, Becky - I don't see Mike and Greg in there."




Just chillin'



"Darryl isn't here this weekend - WHEW - nice and quiet!"




Diet Coke will be calling for their next commercial shoot.




Pleeeeese!  Put the shirt back ON!





A Happy Camper enjoys the porch. (And the beer cooler is right there too.)




"Hey babe - can I take you for a ride in that "Express" over there!"
























"Make mine a TRIPLE!"




"What a rhythm section - eh?"








"Hey Margaret - let's JUST get DESSERT next time - OK?"




Life is good!




Candid shots - really candid!








Happy couples - right?




Who IS that guy in the blue shirt?




"Everybody - I Shoulda' Been a Cowboyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy .........."



Rockin' the night away.




"Now down here whars I'm from - it's perfectly OK to eat road-kill!  Seriously."